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Suffering Comes When We Resist the Present Moment

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

I think you're here reading this blog to get your power back.

I think there is a knowing inside of you that is guiding you and directing you and supporting you and there is a part of you that wants and craves a peace that surpasesses your finite understanding. No judgement there, just an offering that maybe you think you know and maybe the truth is we will never come close to any real knowing. I am hoping that brings you to an ease.

And at the same time,

You know you should be feeling at ease.

You know that if you have this innate desire, that it must be attainable.

How can I feel this type of longing if the longings can't be achieved.

Desires are our compass, reminding us that we can head our way, using our divine instincts to bring us to our hopeful landing place.

How do we do that?

We become present.

First, we become present by recognizing that we are separate from our thoughts.

You are not your thoughts.

Take a moment here and take this in.

This will be a lesson that I will be repeating to you and gently reminding you, that you, in the essence and beauty that makes up the complexity of your human experience,

you are not your thoughts.

And from here we can learn how to go inside, into our bodies and through this beautiful protal we can access our Spirit. And here, is where we land into the abyss of yummy peace. .

Yes, there are dreadful things happening right now in the world, starting from the moment ego encountered humanity. Sometimes it can be hard to allow peaceful presence, when the contract of darkness shames our desires for joy, but I would wonder if there is a way to honor the pain while

at the same time find our rest.

at the same time be in bliss.

at the same time find the sunrise

and birthday parties, the taste of espresso, and the moments of watering our plants and notice those gracious moments where humanity is giving its offerings of kindness and gratitude and love which is actually happening all around us right in the middle of the dread.

Can we move from attachment to thought to feeling the moment.

And what is happening in this moment...


This moment.

this is your freedom.

photo by: Alexis Peterson

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