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The Agency

At The Agency, we are dedicated to supporting you on your transformative journey towards personal healing and self mastery. Our approach seamlessly blends clinical expertise with holistic principles, embodying our fundamental belief that true healing begins in the alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Our mission is rooted in the understanding that stillness of mind lays the foundation for physical and emotional well-being. It is through this peace that we unlock the gateway to your Inner Spirit, your True Self, where a deep sense of peace and overall wellness awaits.

The Agency offers a comprehensive, integrative approach that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Inner Child Experiences, Meditation, and Reiki. This multifaceted strategy is designed to facilitate a healing, cultivating a sense of ease and wholeness within you.

Whether you choose to embark on this journey through Individual or Group Session or through the Awake Project, our primary objective remains the same: to guide you towards a significant reduction in suffering and empower you to embrace the life that you genuinely deserve. We are committed to helping you uncover the keys to a more fulfilling, vibrant, and harmonious existence.


Discover the transformation that awaits you at The Agency – where healing, well-being, and personal growth converge to create the life you've always yearned for.


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Beth's Renowned Approach

Our nervous systems need healing. The autonomic nervous system, often severely distressed, can inhibit the quality of our lives.  Anxiety, poor mood, agitation, insomnia are all symptoms of a nervous system in need of attention. Many of us due to prior complex trauma need support and education to learn how to heal our own bodies and re-protect our energy source which in turn will make our lives great.  


I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidenced-based treatment modality seeking to re-wire maladaptive neurological disorders.  Combined with psychotherapeutic process, Reiki, and Declarative Guided Meditation, these RESET sessions will help you heal your nervous system therefore helping you in every area of your life.  I did this work. I coupled my own deep therapy with a strong meditation practice, incorporated yoga and Reiki and my body began to heal on a physiological and biological level I had not yet experienced.  


Hence The Agency and The 90 min Reset Sessions. I would love for you to heal. Practitioners, first responders, trauma survivors, those newly sober recovering from chronic relapse, or those identifying as 'sensitive' who seek support and guidance, all need a RESET. I would like to be the conduit to help you access your healing. You have all you needed inside of you in order to live in fullness.It’s my job to RESET it. 


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