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Life Mastery 

The Agency's Life Mastery sessions encompass consciousness teachings, spirituality enhancement, inner child healing, and communication skills, providing a unique and transformative experience that empowers individuals on multiple levels. During these sessions, clients embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and heightened self-awareness as they delve deep into their consciousness, exploring their beliefs and values, ultimately leading to a more meaningful and purpose-driven life.

Integral to this process, inner child healing plays a pivotal role, enabling clients to swiftly address and heal emotional wounds from their past.


By nurturing their inner child, clients can experience emotional freedom and profound healing. Additionally, these sessions place a strong emphasis on enhancing communication skills, empowering clients to authentically express themselves and establish deeper connections with others.

The Life Mastery sessions offer a clinical and holistic approach to personal growth and transformation, serving as a guiding light toward a balanced and fulfilling life. Through this process, individuals are not only encouraged to nurture their inner selves but also to cultivate improved and more meaningful relationships with those around them.

Reset sessions combine all the services into one 90 min session: Clinical Process, Declarative Meditation and Reiki to help reset your nervous system and heal from trauma related responses. This experiential session is 90 min and can take place individually or in a group of three for maximum results. 

Clinical Group Facilitation 

Specialized Groups offered:

Evidenced-Based CBT Relapse Prevention, Candle-Lit Guided Meditation, Reiki, Spirituality, Self Soothing Skills, Consciousness, Inner Healing, Inner Child, Art Experiential, The Four Agreements, Self Soothing Skills, and Abuse Recovery. 

First Responder Specialty Groups also Available.

End of Life Care

The Agency, can be your compassionate and essential landing place that offers invaluable support to families facing the imminent passing of a loved one. Beth is here to provide her unique style of emotional and spiritual care through the transition process. We create a comforting and serene environment, ensuring that both the individual nearing their transition and their family experience a sense of tranquility, peace, and deep compassion in the created environment of love and dignity.


Beth will be guiding families through their fears, hopes, and desires, facilitating a deeply meaningful and conscious transition using Reiki, Sound, Prayer, and her specialized Reset Session Experience. You don't have to navigate alone. 


Beth can help your family through this profound time with grace and deep spiritual love, providing unwavering guidance and solace during this sacred moment in time.


The Presence of God.


Bringing Unthinkable Peace. 


Bearing Witness to the Mystery.

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I look forward to hearing from you.  I trust I can help guide and support you in a capacity that helps you feel closer to your true self and to brings you to peace. - Beth

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