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Acceptance is SEXY

We often hear people emphasize the importance of self-love and the need to prioritize ourselves in our daily lives. Like if the plane is going down, we are told to put our own oxygen mask on before assisting others. You know the drill. But my wonder is: As much as self-love is a profound spiritual need, what about the concept of self-acceptance? Does that have a play here...and ...does it have the possibility to even transcend self-love?

I would think: Is there's an innate yearning within us to discover unconditional love for ourselves?

Do you have someone in your life who loves you unconditionally? Someone who, no matter what, will always show up, regardless of your actions or circumstances?

Or...are you the one who shows up? Maybe that’s you? And, with that said, it's essential to clarify here that I'm not advocating for allowing people to treat us poorly. Boundaries are crucial. I am a strong boundary girl, and it's entirely possible to set boundaries while still offering love and acceptance.

Here's the questions: Can you look in the mirror right now and accept yourself just as you are?

Can you accept your body, your mind, and even your past without judgment? Can you forgive yourself and allow grace to cover it all? Skill: Take a moment to quiet your mind, which means take a few breaths, and step beyond any distortions that may cloud your self-perception, and strive for a level of self-acceptance you may have never experienced before.

I want these words to carry weight and power, to instigate a moment of shift. A moment where you decide, with conciousness, to stand firm, refusing to let your actions determine your self-love. Will you run toward yourself when you feel defeated? Will you meet yourself with compassion and care, choosing love over judgment? Will you champion yourself to the end, carrying yourself to the finish line because you are deserving and have given your all? Will you quiet that second-guessing voice and affirm that you did your best? And you should know you did your best. You are mistaken if you feel you didn't. The past happened. It’s done, and it doesn't exist anymore.

We know more now in this moment..

and from here, we make our shifts.

This is your awakening.

Imagine becoming your own hero, facing your darkest moments, and declaring, "I choose you, I accept you, and I love you." Christ did it on the cross for the criminal hanging on his side; can you make the same offering to yourself? Maybe consider that when you don’t, you take Him off the cross. Instead, place your hand on your heart and say, "I choose you." Every time you falter, look yourself in the eyes and reassure that tender little boy, girl or person, that you're doing your best, that you've got your own back. Then, stand up, having learned something new, and try again.

That's unadulterated self-acceptance.

In this very moment, you have the potential to set yourself free.

Don't deny it for a second.

Starting from this very moment, this page, these words, you can choose a different path.

Let go.

Release it all.

There's no need to carry the burdens of the past, for they are done. Healing the trauma in your body is one thing, but the consciousness of letting go of the nonexistent past and turning inward to become your own knight in shining armor – that's where the real transformation happens.

Stop judging yourself; it's a low vibration that repels people from your life, and the bottom line is that it’s not sexy. Sexy living is learning, growing, becoming, and I know you want to be an enticing energetic force on this planet. Oh, also, refrain from passing judgment on others. That isn't sexy either. No one wants to hear your critical take on others. And, if they do, they are low vibration too, and the opportunities in your life and relationships will remain stagnant. It’s a counterfeit exchange.

Right now, you are free. You can accept that or keep pretending that you are bound. This will be your choice and when you know and then chose poorly, that is your story to bear.

The other option is to go and make yourself some lemonade or an iced coffee and sit on your patio, and savor this newfound freedom, for you've just let go and found a deep personal love and acceptance within yourself. You've released yourself from all condemnation.

Yes, that just happened.

photo by: Alexis Peterson

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