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Alchemizing Pain: Transforming the Hurt into Healing.

One concept that has become a transformative practice in my life is the art of alchemizing. I can't take credit for the creation of this spiritual practice. My best friend taught me the skill. But no need to gatekeep, right? It took me a while to grasp its essence, but now, as I understand it, alchemizing involves facing our negative feelings head-on. It's about learning to sit with those emotions, navigating the minefield and the violence of our own negative feelings.

The magic begins when we allow ourselves to fully experience these emotions and then, with divine focus, invite the presence of God directly into those hurt spaces. Find the feeling in your body. Where does it reside? Then imagine a laser-focused power penetrating that place. It's a process where we consciously engage the feelings, transforming them into something new. If loneliness creeps in, alchemize it. If confusion makes an appearance, alchemize it. If emptiness knocks at the door of your heart, alchemize.

Take a deep breath, and in your mind's eye, imagine the comforting presence of God soothing that burn.

Similarly, when shame rears its head, and regret and remorse threaten to consume us, it's time to alchemize. Feel the burn, invite the presence of God into that fiery space, and envision that radiance extinguishing the flames of guilt. It's about confronting fire with fire, reassuring ourselves that this burn won't harm us.

This transformative process is a journey of relearning that the deep pain within us is not here to destroy us. Whether it's the occasional surge of pain, the fear of what's to come, or even our attachment to the fleeting joys of the present moment—alchemize it. Draw Christ into those wounds, visualize and experience the healing presence. This is how we truly heal. Christ is ever-present, ready to bring healing. Our higher power possesses the fire capable of burning away all wounds, revealing our true glory.

So, let it burn.

Literally. Feel it.

You're okay.

Embrace the flames, for in that burning, there is transformation, renewal, and the promise of revealed glory.

He will meet you and heal you, and your courage will reveal the gold.

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1 comentario

Philip Doseo
Philip Doseo
15 dic 2023

Thank you for this. I sidestepped my real emotion when you spoke to this on Wednesday evening. It hit me hard on my Thursday morning prayer and you just helped to confirm yet again it's ok.

Face it head-on, feel it, and come out the other end with renewed strength and a whole new perspective.

“Beth Durling”


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