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Embracing Solitude, Slow Living, and Sunlit Healing

I realized at the age of 43 that I did not like to argue. So much so, that I chose solitude over any risk that another argument would find me. I also realized that I need to have my hands in the dirt, and I need to be in a hot room filled with people who are doing yoga, and I need to be at the gym forcing my body to hurt so that I could let the 43 years of stored energy out of this little body.

I learned that I like to barbecue, and I learned that I really like to sit on the couch and watch an entire football game. I learned that I don’t really like to drink alcohol, and that I would rather replace my corporate big C-Suite titles for freedom, rest, peace, and joy. I learned that I like to work less and make less in order to accomplish more hours of reading. I learned that I like to take my time and drink a lot of coffee and just sit in my beautiful apartment and look around at all the aesthetics and the beautiful plants and the stained glass on the wall.

I learned that I really like photography, and I prefer to spend time with people who are awake or waking up. I learned that it’s meaningful to me when I’m in rooms or environments or workplaces with people who are in touch with their true selves.

I learned that I don’t really like August, but I love October.

I learned that subtle moments can be really sacred, like putting your hair up and washing your face, but only if you do it slowly. Slow living is the key.

I like feeling the sheets on my bed and making my own coffee at home instead of at Starbucks. I learned that I find tremendous, deep, satiating peace when I’m simply breaking off pieces from my succulents in my succulent garden and then replanting them and expanding my garden.

I learned that I love to FaceTime my mom on Saturdays, and I also learned that making a protein shake after I work out, and putting my bathing suit top on, and walking the 100 feet down to the water, and sitting on the little curb on the grass, and letting the sun hit my left shoulder, right where

I have a Halsey tattoo - that moment is my life hack.

Because that sun, on that left shoulder, when it starts to sink straight into my bones, and into my tissue, and my cells, and into the atoms, really starts to wash away all my sins, and all the sins of all the people who ever sinned against me... and around me, and the deeper that yummy sun goes, the more I understand why I’m here on this planet so... maybe try to figure out how to get some sun on your shoulder or both shoulders would be even better.

Natural holy cosmic healing, and don't forget a little sunscreen.

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