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Just Love

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Just Love.

It neutralizes the mind's antics and tactics, and recalibrates the momentum of the pain body.

Just love.

It simplifies complex emotions and reminds us that other people are merely living their own movie and experiencing a life based on their domestication and the level of consciousness they hold in that moment.

Just love.

It settles desire and mirrors back that everything I need is not based on the content around me.

Just love.

Love brings us back to ourselves. Love shines a light on what really makes sense and can bring meaning to our moments. Like when I can feel myself resting on my couch and hear the waves up the street and notice that little bit of heat from my space heater and the cool air on my face from the open window.

Love softens the senses.

Love brings us back to the moment.

It's the answer.

Brings clarity.

And, it self soothes us, requires ego leave my house, my mind, my atmosphere.

Just love.

It’s a life hack of thought.

Think, "Just love," and your pressed chest will soften. Your arms relent. The area behind your eyes will lower a bit.

Just love.

You will feel your inner body and just to let you know it’s better in there.

Those couple inches just inside your body that feel warm and spacious. It’s safe in there.

Just love.

Just love your process.

Your endurance.

Love yourself.

You are doing an amazing job.

And, you should just love that.

photo by: Alexis Peterson

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