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Level Up Kings and Queens: 22 Quick Changes for a More Joyful You

Awakening to the understanding that happiness is within reach through simple, mindful replacements in your daily life can be an empowering revelation. Here are 22 recommended changes that can infuse more joy into your day:

  1. Replace grabbing your phone with a quick morning wake up walk.

  2. Replace your creamer with ice.

  3. Replace your am news for meditation music.

  4. Replace your sugar with electrolytes.

  5. Replace your excuses and claim "day one."

  6. Replace alcohol with lemon water.

  7. Replace your candy with salt.

  8. Replace your soda with sparkling water.

  9. Replace the mindless TV shows for documentaries.

  10. Replace late-night work emails with an evening stroll.

  11. Replace fear with complete, audacious confidence.

  12. Replace self-sabotaging thoughts with holy affirmations.

  13. Replace haste and hurry with your new, slow, mindful steps.

  14. Replace anxiety with a conscious breath..

  15. Replace time with people bringing you low vibes with those who bring light.

  16. Replace gossip-filled conversations for sharing what you've recently learned.

  17. Replace holding on with letting it all go.

  18. Replace past trauma with the freedom and healing and beauty of this present moment.

  19. Replace debilitating confusion, with humility that you don't have to understand it all.

  20. Replace the attachment to the old story and begin to co-create your new one.

  21. Replace the heavy and seriousness outlook with an ease of lightness.

  22. Replace raising the question of "why" with violent faith.

These changes will help you survive. Help you wake up. Help you find your Agency.

They will offer your mind and the body access to heal from the inside out and when we quiet the mind, we heal the body and when we heal the body we can then be Spirit forward.

Remember, peace of mind often lies in the small, intentional choices we make each day. Embrace simplicity, letting go of what no longer serves you, and savor the beauty of this present moment. Your journey to a happier you starts here.

Head down.



It's here we find our Level Up.

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