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You Just Have to Let Go.

In the past year, I've pondered Mary—the virgin, the mother, the secret saint—so much that I've drawn courage from her. ⁣

Imagine birthing a boy from your belly, from your sacred wound, only to realize He. Th I AM, would lead a life you'd only observe. ⁣

No participation, just allowance—the ultimate sacrifice, leaning back in your femininity to watch it all unfold. ⁣

Life mirrors this right?!? ⁣

We spend too much time managing, controlling, and pushing for our desires. Our ego convinces us that ⁣

WE ⁣

can figure it all out. ⁣

But what if Mary had acted with such audacity. What if she'd forcefully intervened with Jesus? Grabbed His little pre-adolescent wrist from the temple and told him is He leaves unannounced again he’s going to be in big trouble and loose his phone next time. ⁣

Instead, she ⁣



let the universe, the Creator, the Almighty, do what needed to be done. ⁣

Are there areas in our lives where we need to let go, release our grip. ⁣

Experiment with it. ⁣

Identify what stresses you and ⁣

release ⁣

it. ⁣

Lean back, way back. ⁣

Let God work while you allow the universe to unfold. Stop managing and start receiving. Only replace control with your thoughtful imagination. And then…⁣

Everything will come to you for your benefit; that's the universe's promise—⁣

If He is for u..⁣

Who can be against u? ⁣

🖤he loves u⁣

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