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Our Thoughts Become Matter.

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. Once you fix your attention or your awareness or your mind on possibility, you place your energy there as well.” Joe Dispenza⁣

The other day I was driving around and I was thinking about a friend of mine whom I haven’t spoken to in about a year and a half and I could just feel inside my heart how much I was missing this person. I was wondering what they were up to and how they’ve been. In one hour, I received a text from that person. 18 months, crickets, and then, here was the text.

I literally started screaming in my car! ⁣

Our thoughts become matter. ⁣

They have a frequency. ⁣

And where we put our attention, whether it be thoughts or feelings, or behaviors,⁣ all of it,


This is when Christ said…”ask and it is given to you."

Consider clicking and finding your way to our DAILY LIVING tab and pick a few daily practices that you would like to start. Where are you put your attention is where you place your energy. ⁣

And energy changes the environment.FOCUSED ENERGY WILL CHANGE U. ⁣

So when we start placing our energy on things like yoga, meditation, breath work, being of service, taking baths, cold water therapy, sitting in a sauna 4x a week, getting to bed early, eating clean, strength training, grounding ‘all the things...'

What do you thinks going to happen. ⁣

Everything. 💎⁣

photo by: Alexis Peterson

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