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The Witness: Encountering Your True Self

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a mental battle, unsure of your capabilities, doubting your intentions, and fearing the worst outcomes? This internal dialogue, this lunatic-like thought process, can suddenly overtake your mind, pushing you into the depths of unconsciousness. This whirlwind of questions and self-criticism surfaced after a colleague asked me to meet and discuss a business plan for a Telehealth Counseling Start Up.

How am I going to keep up?

I wonder how much he is going to help me with this project?

I’m not even sure the margins make sense?

Wait, that’s not true.

I’m probably just assuming all of this

Why do you always assume everything?

Why are you projecting so negatively?

Maybe this will pan out really well, maybe everything will be different this time.

We had a great meeting the last time we met.

No, it's a trick.

It’s always a trick, remember?

You always have a great meeting and then you feel played.

Just bring someone else into the mix to help, like a buffer maybe?.

Just don’t allow it to happen again!

It’s that simple.

You can manage this well.

But you always think you can manage it well and then you don’t.

You’re gonna get stuck again, I just know it.

Why are you even entertaining this?

..and then I caught the episode and internally said,

“Oh, my mind is on one right now."

That's my higher self responding to the brain, as an organ, that is trying to manage the energy I was feeling.

I took a breath, I held it for about 10 seconds until I couldn't hold it any longer.

And then I exhaled ferociously.

I did that 10 times and found my way to the present moment.

I unhooked from the thought forms and I let go.

Michael Singer refers to this as the "Roommate," Eckhart Tolle calls this, the "Egoic Mind." I simply call it madness, or perhaps, "Thought Forms." Whatever you want to call this, it's a battle we all face.

If you're open to the idea of acknowledging a duality within self, it becomes possible to cultivate awareness. This awareness directs your attention to a part of you that can be considered your true consciousness, your higher self. It's the part of you connected to something greater, the divine, the part of you that provides all the tools you need to live the life you were meant to. It's the key to unlocking those beautiful moments when you tap into the truth: that you are part of something bigger, a wave in the vast ocean of existence.

To fully understand this, we must first recognize the duality within us.

You are not your thoughts.

This is a fundamental concept echoed by spiritual leaders. By accepting that there are two distinct aspects within you, you can connect with your true self, your higher self, and become the observer or the beautiful witness of the world around you. Which I call this: the content.

The world around you is composed of people, places, things, attachments, and the roles you've adopted throughout your life, based on your upbringing and experiences. Don Miguel Ruiz calls this: the domestication. These attachments can be overwhelming. But what if we could detach from these roles? What if we could create a little space, becoming witnesses to our own attachments?

The process of witnessing your attachments to various aspects of your life can help you gain clarity and distance from this perceived chaos. You may even discover that you are not defined by your traumas or roles, as unconventional as that may sound. Instead, you'll realize that your true self, your essence, your consciousness is a steady, holy, blissful place that is always available to you.

Finding your inner witness, your observer self, gives you the opportunity to break free from the relentless drive of societal expectations. It empowers you to be the best version of yourself, not someone else's idea of who you should be. This is where you'll find true agency and the ability to disengage from the relentless demands of the world.

You need this.

This is your birthright.

When you create a gap between your true self and the world around you, you discover a place of serenity and clarity. It's in this gap, this space, that can potentially access every single thing you need. Imagine: Your unresolved trauma, chronic unhappiness, and the sense of always striving for more, can all be addressed in this sacred space. In this gap, you can experience a sacred awareness of the stories unfolding all around you, releasing you from their attachment, offering...

a peace that defies understanding..

just as Christ promised.

It's a place where rebirth is possible.

Its born again.

A start over.

The magic Reset.

All things made new.

You can immerse yourself in the river of life, let go of the attachments, and be right in the gap, the space, the holy presence when you can simply witness and watch, basking in the peace that's available. It's here that you can find heaven on earth, where the divine and the human meet, and the world transforms into a place of love, grace, and fulfillment. This is where the kingdom comes, and your purpose is realized.

Heaven made manifest.

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