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You are Exactly Where You are Supposed to Be.

You're meant to be present in this very moment, with all your knowledge and uncertainties. You're here in your current relationship for a reason – whether to revel in its love or to learn the art of letting go. No matter the circumstance, you're perfectly positioned. It's okay not to have all the answers now; your past experiences are here to guide you. You can't fathom what you haven't yet learned, nor can you transform into what you're not yet meant to be. "I can't be what I haven't become" captures this sentiment – a sentiment I resonate with. I'm on my way, and this journey is a vital part of it.

This might seem like playing with words, but dive deeper, try to grasp its essence. Transition from your mind to the realm of your heart, and envision the universe orchestrating events to fulfill your needs. Take a moment to let your breath find its rhythm, embracing this unique acceptance.

You are exactly where you should be – remember this. Here's my encouragement: cease yearning and wishing for a distant future. Instead, let's collectively imagine that we possess all we need in this very moment, just for today. A hopeful compassion urges you to believe that everything unfolds perfectly, crafting lessons necessary for your advancement. And guess what? The subsequent juncture will be just as impeccable.

Picture yourself immersed in a book. If you're on page 124, that's precisely where you are. It doesn't negate the existence of previous pages or the pages yet to come. Every page before 124 led to this instant. And, you’re not at page 148 because your journey hasn't taken you there, but it's there, waiting. You can only live this page, your page, the page of this moment. Many of us are grappling with past complex traumas, repeatedly pouring over chapter two. Conversely, some rush ahead, glimpsing the final chapter with anxiety, irritated by the delay in experiencing the joyous outcome. Impatience reigns supreme, urging us to avoid waiting.

Yet, what if, in moments of dread, we paused, inhaled deeply into our hearts, and exhaled warmth up through our throats, whispering, "I'm precisely where I should be, here and now." Rest assured, the universe's assistance is available. It's the law. If we align ourselves with this law by leaning back, surrendering our desires to a higher power, and actively letting go, what if science supports this? What if, by anchoring ourselves in the present and vividly feeling the emotions of our desires, they manifest?

Simple, yet profound.

  • This moment. Right here, Right now.

  • The past: A rich, intricate narrative leading me to this sacred juncture.

  • The future: An eager universe, poised to fulfill my every wish.

  • Desires: Immersing myself in the feelings

  • Opening: My sacred heart ready to receive.

Now, the question arises – what do I truly want? Once I discern that, I step into the role of the Mountain's Keeper. I walk it, breathe it, transform into it, and embody it. Then, like the gentle ebb and flow of tides,

it arrives.

A quiet knock at the door, a beautiful gift in my hands, like an effortless sunrise or the serene lilies blossoming.

This is the flow. Everything I need is already on it’s way. And for this moment, I am exactly where I need to be to receive.

photo by: Alexis Peterson

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